Hi! My name is Sherry Ross. I've been working for SYNERGY HomeCare Billings since 2013.

I am born and raised in Maple Grove, MN. I grew up fishing (with a bobber), spending time with family, and loving MN lake water. When I graduated high school, I decided I was going to travel so I went to college in North Dakota. I know, I know... it's only 200 miles but it seemed across the world at 18. I chose to double major in Accounting and Business. I graduated in 1996 from North Dakota State University.

While a student at NDSU, I took a job in banking. I worked in a supermarket location (all the rage in the 90's). Upon graduation, I accepted a promotion within that same bank as the manager of operations. I managed 22 operational full-time employees in 7 banks in ND and MN. However, the birth of my first born, put a quick end to that 3 year adventure and I choose to be a stay at home Mom.

I have 3 wonderful children. 2 daughters and a son. They keep me going non-stop. I have a dancer, violist, swimmer, pianist, percussionist, volleyball player, soccer player and a basketball player. Sounds like I have 8 kids but 3 manage to pack those activities in, on any given day. They are also all involved in our church.

I love my position here at SYNERGY HomeCare. I've quickly built strong relationships with our Caregivers and our Clients as well.