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I love working for them. Lots of communication with the office and other caregivers. They are also very family orientated and work with you when you have appointments. I've worked for other home Healthcare companies and they were never this good.

Great place to work. Communication between caregivers and office workers is amazing. Make my job easier when there is good communication.

After 30+ years of working with local government, I've chosen to complete my working years doing something which I feel matters to others. So, I contacted Synergy Home Care to see what they offered and what kind of need I could fill. I have been grateful ever since.

I love the "older generation," the grandmas and grandpas. They are a rich source of intelligence, memories, wisdom, stories and the like. Synergy will pair you with clients whom you'll love to serve. You can accept or pass on shifts as your schedule permits. Synergy will be happy to assist you in developing a weekly schedule that will meet your needs! And, they offer a great incentive plan!

Synergy is a great company to work for. I love what I do through Synergy Home Care and you will too!

I enjoy working for them